Sunday, September 21, 2008

What A Busy Saturday

I left early to go to BJ's so that I can come back home and start my day. I've done everything I had to do. It's such a good feeling when everything fall the way I want it. I gave the boys a hair cut except for DH because he worked yesterday. And I'm not sure if I can give him a hair cut today. Unless I stop writing this and give him the haircut...(laugh). I'm pretty sure I can find time to do it today. And I know he would make a joke that I don't take care of him anymore if I don't do it today.

Today I have to fold and iron so much laundry. DC's clothes for a week, I don't like ironing in the middle of the week that is why I do it every Sunday. I do missed living in Philippines. I don't have to do all the house work and laundry because we can afford to pay someone to do it for us. I can spend my weekend with the family while relaxing. Oh how I wish...(laugh).

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