Saturday, September 13, 2008

Plans Tomorrow

We are going to Howell tomorrow for a 1 year old birthday party of my DH friend son. Last weekend he canceled because he said that his ex-wife/girlfriend now again is mad again. (they got married so quick and got divorce 3 months after, then they are still sleeping after getting divorce and she got pregnant with this 1 year old boy. last I heard they went to Disney not too long ago as a family...weird.) So, we are going there tomorrow.

And since I haven't eaten Asian food in the very long time, what do you think I did? I look for Asian store in Howell. Lucky enough they have one not to far from where we are going tomorrow. If you see a van with license from PA say "hi" it might be I used to go to Parsippany every month but I can't afford it anymore. So, every time we planned on going to Jersey I try so hard to find an Asian store close by. I already called them today and asked if they are open tomorrow, and they are yehey I can buy some pansit, canton and lumpia wrapper. I can't wait!

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