Thursday, September 4, 2008

I Hate Politics And Media

What is the reason behind McCain picking Palin to be his VP? One: The stream media is all over Palin's personal life that they don't bother digging into McCain past that he might not even a US citizen. Where was he born? Somewhere in south America I believe. They are saying he was born in a US hospital in south America. The same US hospital that did not open one year after he was born. If he wins the presidency this will be the first in history of USA that a none born US citizen become the president. So, I have a chance to run for president. I doubt it, I don't own the media and I'm not rich so there is no chance whatsoever.

Yes, the media is all over Palin but never dig into McCain past. I'm not a Obama supporter either. I hate politics because uneducated voter just goes with the flow. They vote for candidates who are the most talk about by the media. I wish they educate themselves, search everywhere to know about the candidate they are going to vote for.

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