Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Asian Food

Finally after such a long time I am able to get some Asian food. Like what I said below we went to Howell on Sunday. I asked my DH to stop at one of Asian store there. I found two stores, I called one but end up going to the second one because we missed the first one. This stores are in route 9 at Howell. I don't even have one around me. Or the next town or the town after that. This is the only thing I don't like living outside the city. Far from every thing but I can plant Asian vegetables. I'm just saying it's not all bad. I will always pick living in the country than a city. I may only shop for food once a month but I like the noise free and bigger land part of country living.

Anyway, I wanted to filled up my cooler with so much egg roll wrapper, but I didn't. The lady at the store probably wondering why I bought so much pansit canton and wrappers. That should be enough for a few months. I also bought my DH the fruit salad mix, he is crazy about them coconut gels (nata de coco) and palm fruit (kaong). DC's enjoyed the shrimp cracker driving home. I also got some pulvoron (short bread) but DH likes my homemade because I can put as much butter as he want on it.

Today I am going to make egg rolls shanghai for everyone dinner this afternoon. They all missed this treat so much.

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